The speakerphone isn't quite as impressive

The speakerphone isn't quite as impressive. The volume reaches good-enough levels when set all the way up, but quality takes a little dive with more distortion and muddier voices. I was able to maintain meizu m2 note review conversations in a moving car, but just barely.
Based on the twin-grille design on the front of the Axon Pro, you might assume it has stereo speakers. It does not, and that's a shame.
Instead, the Axon Pro has two sound circuits and Dolby Audio processing software on board. These spring to life only when you plug headphones into the Axon Pro. The Axon Pro manages to produce good quality music playback. It ships with a pair of JBL headphones, but of course it’s compatible with your earbuds of choice.
The xiaomi mi3 review Axon Pro is a reasonably good voice phone.Calls come through the earpiece loud and (mostly) clear.Set to maximum volume, I was able to hear calls in the majority of places I took the phone.Coffee shops and city streets had nothing on the Axon Pro.The quality of calls was a little bit of a mixed bag. 

I'd say 60% of the time they were good, and 40% of the time they were so-so, sounding a bit muffled. People said I sounded very good when speaking through the Axon Pro.