360 Q5 Plus Style, Antutu, Battery power, Game, Digicam Review

360 has released the new leading mobile phones, 360 Q5 and 360 Q5 Plus. Today we will test 360 Q5 Plus which is managed by Snapdragon 820 processer, 128GB ROM 6GB RAM, and double back digital camera. As you know, 360 has combined Qiku and Coolpad, and started three items, F, N, Q sequence. After F and N sequence released services, 360 also released the Q sequence new design, 360 Q5 and 360 Q5 Plus. Let’s see how it is.

360 Q5 Plus has amazing show to human entire human body rate, up to 86%, and 6inch which is not easy to hold with in one side, but we can feel less heavy itself. It uses all steel human entire human body and nutrient mineralHTC Bolt Pricemagnesium steel place that types a part of alumina which can prevent steel place destruction, and not easy to get touch side symbolizes and oil.

There is two SIM places on the most of the, which can both use New mp3 player new mp3 player nano SIM credit score credit cards, one of SIM places allows Small SD credit score credit cards to increase storage area place area to ROM 128GB. But Q5 Plus has ROM 128GB itself which can meet our everyday needs very much.

In program, 360 Q5 Plus allows 4G netcom, but we need to know two SIM credit score credit cards places can use the CDMA credit score credit cards at the same time.

360 Q5 Plus has a sensible key on the most of the that can be used for fast function such as starting show light, initiating the conversation recording, etc. In addition, this amazing key allows SOS, if you face immediate problem, you can media amazing key log and quantity – key to deliver SOS for help. Then it can make call for immediate and place where you live.

360 has set up a secured chipset withSamsung C7 Pro Pricetraditional bank level on 360 Q5 Plus. It allows individual storage area place area such as security, software for deal by security password, side symbolizes, etc.

Besides effective security, this secured chipset can also secured our information after dropping it, anyone main it strongly, reveals up the side symbolizes audience, ends the program or change SIM credit score credit cards, Q5 Plus secured chipset will start anti-stolen control, so the cellular cellphone dropping will be closed soon.

After obtaining Q5 Plus, only side symbolizes audience can secured it to function. If there is no right-hand symbolizes audience in An hour, the cellular cellphone will eliminate all effective information immediately, and the cellular cellphone processer will also be closed. The it will be worthless.