Alleged Htc 8 dripping - the company's 2017 major

A several of videos provided us an extensive look at the Htc 8. The business is anticipated to first overall look its next major at MWC, but obviously Qualcomm provided it at CES and even if people were requested not to take pictures of it, one helpful guy introduced us the exciting details.

There were some rumours about the Meizu name and even Htc P1 was thought to be the major. But after HMD Worldwide released Htc 6, looks like Htc 8 is actually possible for a name. After all traditional Htc cameraphone flagships carried  Meizu M5 Note the eight in their headings - think N82, N8 and 808PureView.

Reportedly the Htc 8 will come in two versions - one with a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 6GB RAM and a 24 MP OIS + EIS primary digital digicam.