Dependency Jio Requests TRAI to Encourage 'Highest Penalty' on Airtel for Deceiving Ads

Newcomer Dependency Jio has requested telecommunications regulator TRAI to "impose maximum penalty" on Airtel, blaming the latter of blatantly fueling the value of information in an advertising provide, and providing misleading cost ads.

Jio has shot-off a correspondence to the telecommunications regulator claiming that in so far as the ads released by Airtel for pre-paidMeizu mx6 Configurationand postpaid cost features are involved, the endless phone calls and 100 % free information being offered by Airtel is in "gross breach of extant telecom laws".

Jio has further billed Airtel of misrepresenting the advantages as 100 % free endless phone calls without showing the usefulness of Reasonable Utilization Plan (FUP).

It claimed that possible phone calls under Airtel's Special Tariff Coupon 345 were not really endless as Airtel has applied a FUP of 300 minutes/day or 1,200 minutes/week, publish which every call are rechargeable.

"Therefore, these pre-paid features do not provide endless 100 % free contacting to clients. This fact is not discernable from the ads of Airtel and neither does Airtel specify in the ads that such restrictions implement or are created as part of the circumstances," Jio stated.

It also stated that FUP relevant information emerged only by call center professionals of Airtel and that too when the problem particularly outlined to them.

It said that this was violative and unreliable with TRAI's guidelines old Sept 10, 2010.

On Airtel's marketing of 'Free information for 12 several weeks, worth Rs. 9,000' on the pre-paid STV of Rs 345, Jio claimed that theXiaomi mi note2 Priceinformation advantages were available only on spending Rs. 345 and therefore, could not be known as 100 % free.

"Further, publish expiration of the information advantages in the package, the customer is billed at pay-as-you-go prices, therefore, possible information statements are blatantly misleading," it said.

Arguing that the value of 3GB information (at the rate of Rs. 450 a month) would work out to only Rs. 5,400 over 12 several weeks, Jio said that the advantages are therefore "much lower" than Airtel's declare of Rs. 9,000.

Jio has also charged Airtel of irrelavent elegance between members of same category, saying that provide (free information for 12 months) can be acquired only by members with new 4G devices, that is 4G devices that have formerly not been used on Airtel's system.

This "arbitrary classification" by Airtel is a total breach of the Telecom Tariff order 1999 Area IV (Transparency and Customer Protection), Jio said.

"In perspective of the total breach by Airtel of TRAI guidelines, guidelines, cost purchases, we demand the power to take most powerful action under the Act and impose maximum charge on Airtel," the correspondence said.