Java Pond to go? Intel’s next-gen CPUs are around the corner

Kaby Lake? Neglect about it – even though it’s hardly old information – because later this year, Intel’s next-generation processer treats (the 8th form of the Main family) are set to appear attractive a considerable efficiency improve.

According to a slide tweeted by Apple company, Java Pond, as the eighth-gen is known, will appear in the second 50 % of 2017. So that could be as starting as July, theoretically; just five months’ time…

The slide reveals that Java Pond will be 15% faster than Kaby Pond based on Sysmark scores – an comparative improve to the 15%Xiaomi mi s Specsimprove seen from Skylake to Kaby Pond on that conventional (although it will be interesting to see what this improve transforms to just like 3DMark and real-world activity enjoying performance).

This is something of unexpected declaration, considering that last summer a few several weeks time, Intel’s plan said Java Pond wasn’t due to appear until 2018.

The time of this tweets upgrade, and the most apparent enhancing of Intel’s schedule, is interesting given that we are just a few brief a few several weeks away from AMD launching its Ryzen CPUs, with which the company wants to withdraw some message in the pc processer industry.

Coffee Pond is still developed on a 14nm process as with Kaby Pond, but as we noticed last summer a few several weeks time, it’s expected to bring six-core CPUs into the turn of Intel’s well-known processer special offers.Meizu X Review(Intel has of course made six-core projects before, but those were enthusiast treats with expensive costs, not cost-effective for the typical punter).

Fingers exceeded, then, that we get some beefy creatures of processer treats leaving later on june, which hopefully might have to be more competitive in price if Ryzen way of life up to fashionable AMD is putting behind it.