Jay and Silent Bob strike returning again (again): Kevin Johnson programs to 'reboot' movie stoners

Cult movie home Kevin Johnson is coming returning two of his most beloved numbers - slacker drugs investors Jay and Silent Bob.

The several came out in Smith's 1994 first overall look Personal, and revealed up in many of Smith's films since. A duo of low-key drugs investors and stoners once described as "hetero way of life mates", Jay is a loud-mouthed, hyper-profane deceive and Silent Bob is his (nearly, but not quite) quiet associate.

Played by Jerr Mewes and Johnson himself, Jay and Silent Bob have been the most popular line through Smith's 'View Askewniverse' reveals - low-key separate comedies based mostly around New Clothing.Redmi Pro VS Redmi 4Together, they've inspired comic extremely characters, given relationship assistance online, and even met God herself.

With the exception to this rule of 2013's animated Jay and Silent Bob's Extremely Awesome Cartoon Film, they've not been seen on-screen since 2006's Personal II. This is about to alter. Johnson come up with declaration of the duo's come returning in a Facebook or myspace or fb post, where he revealed he had started work on a program for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

"All a few weeks ago, I had the time of my way of life having fun while writing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - a fun movie in which the Clothing mankind has to go returning again to The show biz industry to stop a product new restart of the old Bluntman & Serious movie they hated so much," Johnson wrote. "It's a tongue-in-cheek, silly-ass satire that blows fun at the video business's latest re-do fascination, introducing an all-star toss of cameos and familiar faces!"

The movie seems to be like it'll be a main follow-up to 2001's Jay & Silent Bob Attack Back, a road trip-meets-heist crazy stuffed with cameos from Smith's cadre of normal superstars and guest superstars such as the lateMeizu Pro7 VS Meizu mx7July Fisher and Gretchen Carlin. That movie saw the new duo visiting The show biz industry to stop Miramax - the particular film's provider - from making a presentation based on an in-universe comic, first suggested in 1997's Seeking Amy.

An avowed comic and pop way of life fan, Johnson has in the past several of years been working on circumstances of The Display and Supergirl, while developing his horror-comedy Real North Trilogy for cinemas. He's no complete stranger to the video sector's dependancy on restoring older features, and the idea of some nervous studio room room professional planning another Bluntman and Serious movie is rather on the nostril.

Smith also customized fans with the latest on his other projects, along with a third Personal movie and a follow-up to 1995's Mallrats. "Sadly, Personal III can't happen (one of our four delivers made the decision out of the flick)," Johnson wrote. "So I worked well on a Mallrats movie instead... which also did not happen because it modified into a Mallrats series."