Huawei Partner 9 Pro now unique with Celcom FIRST Silver Plus and FIRST Jewelry plan

Hey Huawei lovers, are you one of the clients can use that skipped the opportunity to get a Huawei Partner 9 Pro last year? Well, Celcom is returning once again with another FIRST marketing - FIRST Silver Plus and FIRST Jewelry. Here’s a malfunction of what’s in it for you if you register for these plans!

So why should you get the Partner 9 Pro? Well, aside from having the regular endless public applications utilization (WhatsApp and WeChat),Lenovo P3 Newsendless cellphone calls to all systems and FREE endless Yonder songs, you should get it just because:

The Partner 9 Pro can be yours beginning from RM2188 (the unique prices are RM3399, so much difference!)
It's one of the best digicam mobile phones in the marketplace now with its 20MP Leica double lens camera
It has a sensible power-saving technological innovation and device studying program control so that your Partner 9 Pro does notLenovo PHAB2 Pro Review"age", always staying as quick as the day you got it.

You are eligible to guard your Partner 9 Pro as low as RM0.13 a day from Celcom's Phone Excellent care support (so cheap!)
Combine the week day and end of the week information with AnydayGB at RM10/month

And that's it! Like many previous Celcom FIRST special offers, we think this Partner 9 Pro Celcom strategy is too best to move on. It is now available at any Red Dice national an internet-based for both current and new FIRST clients, so be quick and get yourself one of the best mobile phones you can get right now!