iPhone storage area space area woes? You'll want to obtain this upgrade today

Starved for 100 % 100 % totally free storage area space area on your iPhone? Then establishing up the newest upgrade for well-known group public networking app Tweets content should be top of your to-do history nowadays.

That's because the newest upgrade to the chirpy little app creates a awesome new function that gives you to quickly obvious all of the cached information saved by Tweets content, and recover all that usefuMeizu Pro6s Pricel position at some point.

Once you've personalized to the newest edition of Tweets content, here's what you need to do to make the most of the tool:

1. Go to your information web page by attaining 'Me' towards the end right of the display

2. Now, hit the the little gadgets symbol at the top of your profile

3. Tap on the first choice, 'Settings'

4. Get around to information utilization under the 'General' section

5. Tap 'Media Storage'

6. See how much press Tweets content is protecting and hit 'Clear press storage' to erase

7. Now, opposite again one display and go to 'Web storage'

8. Do exactly what you did with 'Media storage'

The objective this will absolutely release a lot of position is because Tweets content caches all of the pics and vids you discuss, as wellMeizu M5S Cameraas all the web sites you analyze out via the app.

It might not seem like a problem if you've got a pretty capacious mobile phone, but if you're trapped on a 16GB or 32GB iPhone, it can problem.

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