Philips BDP7501 UHD Blu-ray Player evaluation : A no-frills, no-fuss 4K Blu-ray player

With 4K Blu-rays lastly getting shop racks in essential figures, electronic gadgets creators are hurrying to build up gamers for the new pushes. Panasonic, for example, has two of these ultra-high importance gamers – the greater, but costly DMP-UB900, and the all-around outstanding DMP-UB700. Problematically, though, the latter is only available in the UK.

So what does the US get?

The response is the $229 Philips BDP7501, a no-frills 4K Blu-ray gamer that does exactly what it says it does. Not enthusiastic about aMeizu M5 VS Meizu M5Ssensible OS to go along with your new Blu-ray player? Excellent, because the BDP7501 doesn’t have one. Don’t appropriate be concerned about Amazon. com, Hulu or operating solutions like HBO, STARZ and Showtime et al? No issue. You won’t figure out them here.

That’s the elegance and the shame of the BDP7501 – it functions exactly as promoted.


There’s something unique about the BDP7501’s style. It’s not a rectangle-shaped gamer that we’re used to seeing from conventional producers, but an oblong with curved finishes.

That distinguishes it from all the similar-looking Blu-ray gamers on the marketplace and the curved finishes allows it combination in with most enjoyment functions with all their round puck-shaped Rokus while still providing it an operating style.

Each experience of the BDP7501 continues to be protected and secure with a used metal complete with the middle plate, which facial lines toward position pushes, wearing the Philips logo.
On top you’ll figure out two management control management buttons – remove as well as – which indicates you’ll need to get the distant ifMeizu M5S Reviewyou want to bring out your movie.

Also on top is a rubbery protecting that, we believe, keeps other gadgets you placed on top of you from losing around during play-back.

Spin you around and you’ll choose a few uncommon (but relatively important) areas. There’s two HDMI out areas (one for movie and sound, and one for just audio), plus an ethernet port and USB port for those who like to locate a usb usb generate for picture or movie play-back.

There are a number of items we’d like to see here – such as an SD credit bank cards port to illustrate images directly from you and a few more audio-out choices – but what you get here is more than enough for the most popular performance.