his new iPhone 7 situation places Android operating system operating system os in either aspect of your hand

Protecting your iPhone 7 with circumstances is an excellent concept, but what guarantees to be even wiser is Eye, a new choice on Kickstarter that comes with an Android operating system operating system os Nougat amazing cell cellphone designed right in.

Yeah, you research that right. It works in a full-fledged 5-inch cell cellphone operating Android operating system operating system Samsung S8 Price os Nougat, along with a seriously amazing reputation of features for circumstances, let alone a cell cellphone.

In equipment for defending your iPhone (the strategy provides assistance for iPhone 7 Plus and a pre-order choice for iPhone 8 too), Eye comes with a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED show with 2,800mAh of battery power pack energy to keep things employed by times on end, based upon on your utilization styles.

Eye has some other exciting techniques up its sleeve, like revealing assessment show so that you can take selfies with the utmost rear-facing digicam. Also within this rather smooth situation is a Qi wi-fi asking for help and a 3.5mm ear phones port, two additional features for the newest iPhone.

Of course, attacks are appropriate for the Android operating system operating system os cell cellphone engaged within the problem as well. If you’re someone who ideas unique over system, you can use up all that additional battery power pack energy to energy the case’s amazing cell cellphone. The Qi asking for works for that aspect, too, as does its NFC assistance, which can likely be used for Android operating system operating system os Pay. A few additional features consist of of dual-SIM places and a microSD port.

While it’s not the most form-fitting situation out there, it’s complicated not to agree to so much technical loaded into the rather small design. HTC One X9 Specs Though, it’s important to note that picture looks a bit unclear on some of the campaign’s screenshots.

At its $69 beginning poultry cost, Eye seems like a lot even if you’re just usually considering the concept. Even for $189, its recommended retail store store store cost, what you’re getting here still seems really value money, and some if changes out to be a excellent product in the end.