LG OLEDB6P sequence evaluation : The best TV image ever is now more cost-effective than ever

If you were looking for reasons to buy an OLED TV, here it is.

Starting at the end of drop 2016, LG decreased the price on its least costly OLED TV with 4K the best top quality, the B6 sequence analyzed here. The 55-inch OLED55B6P was as low at $1,800 while the 65-inch LG G6 Specs  OLED65B6P was $2,800, great deals of up to $700 and $1,200, respectively, in evaluation to costs in beginning Oct.

Since then the costs have customized, but they're still a lot less than before. Because of this price drop, and the verified fact that 2016 OLED TVs like the B6 provide best image of any TV I've ever analyzed, I'm improving its Value subrating from a 6 to a 7, its overall place from 8.4 (4 stars) to 8.7 (4.5 stars), and offering it CNET's Editors' Option Prize.

In simple circumstances, if you have the cash and want a 55-inch or 65-inch TV, buy this one.

In side-by-side tests with LCD TVs I analyzed, there's not much of a competitive sport. The B6, LG's "cheapest" 4K OLED TV, usually looks better in almost every way. Its image is usually relative of the larger E6 I analyzed at once, so I don't think it's value making an investment additional for that TV's excellent audio and design.

It's also better than the 55EG9100 and the EF9500, two OLED TVs from last season that are still available, often at little to extreme great deals. Picture gap between the B6 and EF9500 is filter, but extensive enough that I  Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro VS Meizu PRO6 Plus  don't suggest purchasing mature edition unless decreased is truly extreme. (The more newest B6 and E6 designs are definitely HDR appropriate, in evaluation to those mature OLEDs.)