Weekly poll: Is €930 a fair price for the Galaxy S8?

The New samsung Galaxy S8 was always required to be costly, but the newest rumors pressured the expected price even higher - €830 for the S8 and €930 for the Galaxy S8+. Is that a fair price?

The Galaxy S8 duo will have exclusivity on the Snapdragon 835 chipset at launch, the important competitors remained with S821 or has Xiaomi Mi Mix Specs
its own treats (e.g. Kirin 960). Plus, a new manufacturing of Incredibly AMOLED will definitely take developments.

Not to bring up it will be the only one on the show to combine easy bezels with curved ends (the LG G6 show is flat). Then there are said  Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review developments to the digital digicam, security (facial recognition) and more.

However, New samsung neglected some developments. Especially, the Galaxy S8 will be one of the few 2017 flagships with only one primary digital digicam.

Then again, Apple company company and Search engines don’t offer theirs much cheaper. Sure, the platform iPhone 7 and Pixel can start €760, but both are smaller sized in comparison to the 5.8” Galaxy S8. Greater versions - iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL - can start €900, generally on par with the expected price of the New samsung.

You still have to consider storage area space - 32GB non-expandable storage doesn’t cut it, going up to 128GB price another €110.

And for all this talk, you just know that the next Xiaomi Mi, OnePlus, ZTE Axon and similar will offer you with the Snapdragon 835 at 50 % the price. They will come out several a several of several weeks later than the S8, but you might be willing to attend a few a several of several weeks to save a few hundred western.