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The New new new samsung Dex could be one of the most important victories from the Universe S8 release, with amazing little docking position providing a whole market of efficiency for your New new new samsung mobile cellphone.

It's usually a little, go puck that allows you for making your New new new samsung USB Type-C allowed mobile cellphone HDC Space Note 7 Lte Review  (so, only the Universe S8 and S8 Plus presently, since the expiration of the Observe 7) in a comprehensive pc encounter.

It's the kind of of component that (as another, more popular, information news reporter indicated out), had it been done by The the apple organization company organization, would have seen the globally web go insane with hot needs on how The the apple organization company business is trying to impact its own iPad / Apple apple organization apple macbook organization... where with New new new samsung it's likely to go under the mouth.

The New new new samsung Dex will release for $149 in the US (we're still with tolerance with consideration patiently waiting on local costs details), so it's definitely won't be the less expensive system ever designed by the South east Japanese individuals people organization.

But it is amazing, and could information in something different in the way we use our mobile mobile mobile phones later on – after all, they're getting until there's more than enough energy loaded within for them actually pcs, so why not do something like this?


The kind of the New new new samsung Dex is, HDC Space Note 7 Pro Review  as described, a little, bulbous puck with a few areas around the rear.

Simply convert start the top, glide the Universe S8 into the docking position (no wi-fi asking for here... it's all done through the dock) and you're away.

The returning again of the product provides two USB areas, an ethernet shop and the HDMI outcome for a notice. Unfortunately it seems you can't weblink Wi-fi pc key-board and rats to the product, so you'll need to use the USB areas for that, but perhaps that's something New new new samsung can provide later on.

It's also handled, so this isn't something you can take around with you... but then when would you also bring a notice and key-board with you?