It's interesting to see "enhanced battery life" in there

It's interesting to see "enhanced battery life" in there, by the way, since the leaks so far have all pretty much agreed that the battery capacity will remain unchanged from the S7, while the screen size is growing by 0.7" diagonally.

If there will be no penalty in battery life, then that has to be thanks to the more efficient chipsets employed in the S8 (Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 Apple iPhone 6 Review
  and Samsung's own Exynos 8895, both manufactured using a 10nm process), as well as (possibly) a battery sipping AMOLED display.

Also intriguing is the "superior camera" mention since HDC Space S8 Lte we're expecting it to be a unit mostly identical to the 12 MP shooter in the S8's predecessor, but perhaps Samsung's got something up its sleeve here that hasn't leaked yet.