WD My Remedy realistic produce review:Your one-way solution to storage area space and style

If you want to shop details, and maybe even use colors to categorize your details, the new My Remedy realistic produce from WD is for you. The produce has up to 4TB of storage area space area (also available in 3TB, 2TB and 1TB) and comes in six amazing (mostly) colour options: dark, yellow-colored, red, white-colored, orange and red, each with an associated USB cable.

The new produce has an entirely new design in contrast to past My Remedy styles. It no longer looks anything like a solution guide, taking instead a squarish form with relatively unique ends while still managing to look very good, Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs  in my viewpoint. One thing to keep in mind is that it's heavy, at about the duration of a package of bank credit cards, and determining 0.85 inches extensive wide by 3.21 inches extensive wide by 4.33 inches extensive wide (21.5x81.5x110mm), apart from the 1TB version which is thinner at 0.64 inches extensive wide. However, this actual physical sizing is conventional high-capacity realistic drives; the 4TB Seagate Back-up Plus Fast also shares similars dimensions.

Like simplest pushes, the new My Remedy helps USB 3.0. To my disappointment, however, it does not use a USB-C port, instead selecting for an old Micro-USB 3.0 port. This does not effect the drive's performance but does means it won't work with pcs that only have USB-C, such as the 12-inch The apple company apple macbook. To make up for its absence of viewpoint, the produce helps the most secure 256 EAS protection -- an additionally available operate you can turn on using engaged protection system -- to protect your details from neighbor's vision. There's also a back-up system program known as WD Back-up. While it's outstanding to use, it's not as realistic as other built-in back-up sources like Time Device (Mac) or Computer information file Record (Windows 10).

I used the 4GB version for performance tests and got somewhat above-average performance. With a constant copy rate determining around 110MB/s via USB 3.0 (the produce also works with a USB 2.0 port but at a significantly decreased speed), it's quick enough for almost anything you'd want to do with an simple produce.

Should I get it?
If you're looking for an simple produce with a lot of storage area space area, the WD My Choice would be an outstanding option, especially with a suggested list price different from $60 to $160 for 1TB to 4TB, respectively. Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Specs  (You can predict the way price to be decreased, and charges for Modern australia and UK is not available at now but that directly converts to a beginning price of about AU$79 or £49.) Should you be considering to have several pushes and use the colors as a way to categorize your details, it's definitely your most suitable choice. For something much easier, however, I'd recommend the WD My Remedy Extremely or the Seagate Back-up Plus Slim. And if USB-C is a must, the Glyph Blackbox Plus and the G-Tech G-Drive Cellular USB-C are better alternatives.