With cup and stainless-steel style, the iPhone 8 could celebration like it's 2010

The iPhone 7 has only been on selling a several of weeks… which indicates it’s time to start with the iPhone 8 again.

Noted specialist Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Investments has included more weight to the recommendation the next-generation The apple company system will make what’s old new again.

Specifically Kuo reckons there’ll be cup sections on the front and rear side of the product, with stainless-steel making up the structure (via 9to5Mac).

This was a style last used by The apple  Nokia 8 PK Huawei P10  company for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 varies, although any such execution within the iPhone 8 would likely look much different.

According to the specialist, the cup board would provide the product a shiny complete, less the regrettable 'micro-abrasions' associated with the jet dark iPhone 7 style.

According to Kuo up to 35% of worldwide iPhone 7 pre-orders have been for the jet dark style.

Using cup again could allow to add shine to all shade versions of the product, without the low generate amount of the present jet dark aluminum remedy fawned over at the The apple company keynote recently.

While that concept is all well and good, it continues to be to be seen whether shiny silver and shiny light red iPhones would be as easy for customers as the jet dark style.

Kuo also says there’ll be different kind of cup  LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S7edge  implemented, with 2.5D cup more long lasting to advantage falls than the present 3D cup.

The specialist, who has a better reputation than most in these conditions, also says a stainless-steel structure could be arranged for a higher-end style.

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