Microsoft Surface Book review : An amazing laptop that does even more as a tablet

During its short tenure as a hardware maker, Microsoft has become the de-facto trailblazer for Windows-running devices. It all started with the lofty promise that its Surface tablet could replace your laptop. We were skeptical about it three years ago, but after the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft nearly perfected the formula and showed veteran computer manufacturers how hybrids should be made.

Now, Microsoft introduces the Surface Book as the 'ultimate laptop'. Like the Surface tablets before it, this laptop takes a unique spin  VIVO Xperia 6 Review  on the notebook format that's been around for over 40 years. Between the 3:2 aspect ratio, 13.5-inch screen and its practically-trademarked 'dynamic fulcrum' hinge, there isn't any machine on the planet like the Surface Book – and then, with the touch of a button and a gentle tug, it becomes a tablet.

It all sounds like an amazing idea on paper, and with the added "Holy cow, Microsoft made a laptop!" factor, the Surface Book sounds like a thoroughly amazing device. Let's see just how well Redmond made good on the hype.

Recent developments

There’s no time like now to start looking towards the future of Microsoft’s first laptop. The top-end Surface Book i7 may run circles around the original, but it’s evident now more than ever that a true successor is on the way, even if it’s not immediate.

If reports are to be believed, the Surface Book 2 may not bear the versatility of its predecessor, opting instead to adopt a  Nokia 8 News  traditional laptop form factor. Clipboard mode may cease to exist as imminently as next month, but with its retirement a Surface Book price drop is expected.

We may very well find out for sure on May 2, when Microsoft is expected to hold a “#MicrosoftEDU” event and is likely to reveal a Chromebook- or Windows RT-like, stripped-down version of its desktop operating system called Windows 10 Cloud.