The Doogee MIX is A Bezel-less Cellphone Significantly Motivated By The Xiaomi Mi MIX

They say replica is the sincerest type of support and Doogee’s new phone does exactly that. It is an replica of the Xiaomi Mi MIX. The device not only stocks a identical style to the multiple bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX but is actually known as the Doogee MIX.

Doogee says the MIX will have a 5.5-inch Extremely AMOLED show provided by New samsung. Due to the absence of bezels on  Huawei Glory V9 Review  three of its ends, it’s overall dimension will be more compact than that of the Mi MIX but almost the same as that of the iPhone 6. This small dimension makes the Doogee MIX more relaxed to use.

A real-life released picture of the Doogee MIX reveals us that the phone has a frequent ear piece at the top of the show instead of the piezoelectric clay car owner used in the Mi MIX. The bottom frame homes an actual actual home key that enhances as a finger marks scanning device and also has a front side experiencing digicam seated at the end right area. Other marketing pictures expose a dual-camera installation on the rear.

For the remaining specifications, the Doogee MIX is anticipated to produce with a Helio P25 SoC. There will be 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. A higher-end edition will be operated by the Helio X30 and will have  LeEco Le S3 Review  6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space.

There is no information on battery power potential yet neither is there a possible price or release time frame too but it will probably be above the $200 indicate. The Doogee MIX will be available in three colors: dark, mild red, and a dark red edition that seems to have a indicative returning.