Weekly poll: Best major of Springtime 2017

Aside from the Xiaomi Mi 6 (which produces next week), all flagships for the first half of 2017 have been announced. Which one has you excited?

The Mi 6 is attractive Snapdragon 835 on a budget, not to bring up double camcorders, plenty of storage area and more. It’s not obvious if there HDC Space S8 Edge Pro
  will be a Plus style (the Mi 6 will have a 5.1” screen) or if that will be organized for the 6s creation.

Still, the New new samsung Universe S8 is the quickest path to Huawei P10 Price S835 (unless you live in the Exynos zone).

It trapped to only only one digital camera, but the Infinity Display is awesome. And it does have a plus style, which is basically the same mobile cellphone but with a larger show - 6.2” instead of 5.8”. And keep in mind those are additional wide displays, 18.5:9 part rate.