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This is not entirely new information, but Bloomberg gives helpful data to help investors put things into perspective. It reports that people “with knowledge of the company’s plans” claim that Apple is indeed going all-in in an ambitious gamble to bring AR to you, the consumers.

The company has hired the tech businesses top executives in video and audio to lead and collaborate toward a pair of AR glasses from Apple, picking up Samsung Galaxy S8 Review where Google left off with the Google Glass. Google Glass A former Dolby Labs exec will lead the project in collaboration with folks who have previously worked on Oculus and Hololens, as well as an expert in digital effects in the movie industry. This, along with the smaller AR and VR companies that it acquired along the way.

While virtual reality (VR) has been on the rise in the past couple of years, augmented reality (AR) could prove more useful than the former since it can
Xiaomi Mi6 VS OnePlus 5 provide relevant information alongside actual reality, as opposed to an alternative one, altogether. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has previously said that VR is more of a niche product and that AR is much less intrusive.

If Apple can really pull off AR for the masses, it could reach a revolutionary streak that the company desperately needs if it wants to continue its massive momentum of growth.