Galaxy S8 US pre-orders were record-breaking for Samsung

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ are shaping up to become the company's most successful flagships in a while. The duo has already broken records in Samsung's home country of South Korea. Over there, people pre-ordered more than one million units in total, and that amount is more than what Korea has seen for any other flagship smartphone release.

The S8 and S8+ have been well received in the US as well. This has been revealed today by Samsung Electronics America president and COO HDC Space S8 Edge Pro
Tim Baxter. He says that pre-orders for the devices in the US were the "best ever" for Samsung, breaking records at the company. The S8 duo saw 30% more pre-orders than the S7 and S7 edge did last year.

While that's clearly a noteworthy achievement, Samsung has stayed mum on exactly how many units were pre-ordered stateside. This leads us Huawei P10 Price to think that the actual number would still pale in comparison to Apple's records in this area, which is why the Korean company is choosing not to reveal it.

Samsung has also reiterated that it's working on a software update which will fix the infamous 'red tint' issue that some S8 owners are seeing on their screens. This update should roll out before the end of this week, apparently. Additionally, another update will go out to South Korean units only to fix some Wi-Fi connectivity problems.