Galaxy S8 red tint is no big deal, Consumer Reports says

Some early adopters complained of reddish tints on the screens of their new Galaxy S8 units. Samsung immediately reacted and said it would issue an update over the next several days. Now, independent testing company Consumer Reports has shared its two cents on the matter saying that the problem is not that serious.

Consumer Reports got its hands on eight Galaxy S8 devices, four of them with the tint out of the box. The testers claim the problem can be seen when Apple iPhone 6 Review
two devices are positioned next to each other. The red-tinted screens allegedly look “appealing and natural” thus not being that big of a deal.

Samsung’s said that you could calibrate the colors manually through Settings. You have to tap on Display and then on Screen mode. The options include AMOLED cinema and AMOLED photo, but there’s also a manual option HDC Space S8 Lte  when Adaptive display is selected. You just tap on Color balance and go wild with the RGB toggles.

Consumer Reports claims that this issue is something that might make you unhappy, but it will not make you return the device or claim your money back.