TrendForce: No 4GB RAM on iPhones in 2017

TrendForce launched on Wed its predictions that mobile cell mobile phones will have 3.2 GB RAM on frequent by the end of 2017. This is an increase by 33.4% over 2016's 2.4 GB frequent storage area space prospective.

The professionals also predicted that the 10th wedding iPhone, also known as iPhone 8, will have no more than 3 GB RAM and fans of the The apple HDC Space S8 Edge Pro
company company brilliant cellphone must not expect a 4GB RAM system before 2018.

TrendForce wishes the 5.8” AMOLED iPhone and the Huawei P10 Price 5.5” LCD iPhone to have 3 GB RAM, while a little scaled 4.7” LCD style to stay with 2 GB RAM.

On the other part, Android operating system os makers improved the RAM mainly because of customer demand. The growth of frequent storage area space content has been higher than tablets and laptop laptop or computer or pcs because the “the os [...] becomes continuous after an period of usage,” said professional Avril Wu.