OnePlus 5 confirmed, coming this summer

OnePlus’ heir of the 3 and the 3T will be known as OnePlus 5 and will appear july. This was confirmed to The Advantage and is the first official details from Shenzhen.

Until now we only had teasers, rumours and dripping. They suggested that the system will appear with 5.5” show of QHD top quality and a Apple iPhone 6 Review
Snapdragon 835 chipset. The RAM will be 6 GB but dripping for 8 GB showed up as well.

OnePlus determined to skip the 4 since the product variety is HDC Space S8 Lte considered regrettable in Chinese suppliers suppliers.

The company also said one of the causes behind selecting the 5 is the product variety five clothing of a former NBA player David Horry, who is considered a favorite among many workers of the Chinese suppliers organization.