Elephone reveals off the long run eleUI for Elephone P8 Mini

Elephone are going to launch the camera-centric Elephone P8 Little with a particular eleUI to celebrate its launch. This customized UI will be available on the VIP kind of the P8 Little, as far as we understand, and the changes it brings aren’t only aesthetic but functionality sensible as well. Let’s discover out more about it.

Elephone P8 Mini

Here’s the history of changes you’ll see:
“Shortcut for clearing up, one basically simply Cheap Phone
click to launch your storage place.”
“Shortcut for picture,giving you everyday’s new feelings.”
“Pattern password, beautiful and safe.”
“Eyescare technique, offering China Phone more cares to you.”
“Special tones.”
“Totally different music client interface.”
“Cute images on mistake web page, no more a blank.”

And that was it. These UI changes will be on the next eleUI for Elephone P8 Little. What do you think about it? Let us know in the reviews below.