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Meizu M3 Max review
Chinese intelligent phone manufacturer Meizu may not have the same degree of globally item recognition as Huawei or Xiaomi, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing excellent cost-effective cell cellular phones like the M3 Notice. While most new cell cellular phones seem to have display measurements around 5.5″, Meizu’s lately released M3 Max needs it up a degree to 6.0″ for a hypothetically better press consumption experience.

Recent Meizu coverage

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Meizu M5 announcement
So, is the M3 Max the new expert of the large-smartphone market? Or does it are failed in key areas? Let’s take an in-depth leap with our  Meizu MX6 VS Meizu M3E2 comprehensive Meizu M3 Max review!


The M3 Max’s style doesn’t program any big enjoyment, but that shouldn’t be taken as a negative. Just as is the scenario with most Meizu program we’ve used, development is excellent. The phone’s is developed entirely of a metal unibody, which is an excellent and tank-like experience.

The awesome experience of metal and well enhanced looks of the M3 Max are also difficult to ignore. The chamfered ends and easy antenna range is awesome strikes, and although the overall style can seem common and iPhone-like, there’s no query that it comes with a degree of “premium-ness” that has been consistently coming into this price category.

There are a few drawbacks to this style, however. The side-to-back chamfers are not really enough to protect the M3 Max’s boxy uncurved entire body system, and the aspect management control buttons are not tactilely categorized, which creates it somewhat difficult to select the right key.

The phone’s larger measurements also an important aspect to consider, as lifestyle one-handed use quite complex. With that said, this could also be considered the perfect, as the M3 Max’s 6.0″ display is very awesome for ASUS ZENFONE 3 ZOOM Review watching videos or getting recommendations. It’s an inevitable trade-off, but one that will definitely please some while annoying others.

Instead of with the three-key framework available on many other Android working system os cell cellular phones, the M3 Max has a personal real home key that functions as both home and returning again. Meizu telephone phone calls it mTouch, and, although it does take a day or two to get used to, it’s a tremendous way of handling navigation: press down for home, tap for returning again.